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Custom Formulations + Herbal Products

Small-Batch Products // Custom Formulations // Eco-Friendly Herbalism

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At East Bay Herbals we take the utmost pride in our process for creating and producing high-quality herbal medicine. As a former biologist and conservation ecologist, sustainability, reciprocity, and organic practices are at the core of what East Bay Herbals is all about. Our medicine is handmade in small-batches using fresh, local, sustainably grown or ethically gathered plant material. We partner with organizations and farms who we will feel are committed to ethically connecting with the plants and the environment, leading to energetically pure herbal medicine that honors the earth from which it came.

To learn more about the different types of medicine and products that East Bay Herbals creates, read below for a view into our apothecary offerings.

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Our Products + Herbal Philosophy

Hand-Crafted Artisan Products

At East Bay Herbals we believe in the potency and vibration of hand-crafted, small-batch herbal magic. We carefully create each of our formulas in our hand-spun apothecary, taking in mind the energy and intention that goes into each one of our products. Our potions are rooted in community, in the environment, and honor the beauty of the land from which they come.

Individual Herbal Formulations

We offer custom herbal formulations as part of our consultations. Herbs are selected based off of the individual's specific needs, and carefully crafted  into a custom-blended herbal product. Each formula is unique to the person at that moment in time and utilizes the vibration of health.

Our blends are made in house by the hands of an herbalist, trained in the art and science of herbal medicine making. We utilize the best quality ingredients available and always work to create high-vibration medicine that brings abundant light and healing to those who receive it. Our medicine chest includes offerings such as teas, alcohol-based plant extracts, herbal infused oils and salves, and botanical syrups, steams, vinegars, honeys, and more. We also carry a line of potent flower essences for those who wish to work in this vibrational realm.


Custom-Crafted Herbal Products

We have a small line of topical herbal skincare products inspired by founder Anna Marie Beauchemin's french heritage and plant reverence. These products are all personal favorite's that have earned a trusted place in my personal apothecary cabinet. These products were created as a bridge between the outside world and the plant realm, meeting us at the boundary of our first connection to the environment around us, our skin. 

Practitioner Formulation + Product Development

Are you a health and wellness professional or herbal-based business interested in offering high-quality, intentionally crafted products to your clients and/or patrons? See the professional offerings section of our website to learn more, or send us an email to connect!

Note: To offer the highest quality of care to our clients, we only offer herbal formulas after consulting with a client, either by phone or appointment.

Eco-Friendly Herbalism

All of our medicine is made from ethically harvested and/or farmed herbs, and is organic unless organic sourcing is not available. We strive to source our plants from local farms and growers when possible, and are comitted to working with suppliers who we feel are offering the best quality plants that are both in alignment with the health of the earth and sustainable abundance of the plant world.

All of our medicine is made in-house, except in rare instances, when we choose to purchase our products from another artisan of herbal medicine. Any medicine made out of house is purchased from trusted and respected  small-batch local medicine makers, whose medicine we take pride in working with and sharing with our community.

Are you a medicine maker or local herb farmer who would like to connect? Contact us through the connect section of our website.

Local Stockists + Vendors

We carry our small, artisan line  of topical skincare products at a number of local businesses within our community. If you are interested in learning more about this line of products inspired by founder Anna Marie Beauchemin's french heritage and plant knowledge, please visit the Mighty Market website for more info and to tap into this special offering. Other local vendors include Soul Food Farm, Herb Folk, and Indigo Yoga & Pilates.

Are you a local vendor who would like to connect? Contact us through the connect section of our website to learn more. We are currently focused on working with a small group of vendors who share our reverence and admiration for the plant world, whose shelves would make the perfect home for these very special artisan beauty potions.

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