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Herbal Meetup: Ask an Herbalist
Lung Love Recording 2023
Jun 22, 11:30 AM PDT – Jun 30, 11:30 AM PDT
Online Recording

Herbal Meetup: Ask an Herbalist

Online Class (via zoom)

East Bay Herbals - Martinez/Benicia, Ca

Friday, February 25th, 2022 / 12:00-12:30ish pm / FREE

Have you been curious about herbalism? This online meetup space is the perfect place to get all your questions answered about herbs, and what seeing an herbalist is all about. Bring your questions and an open mind and get ready to hear what this ancient healing practice is all about. Please note, specific health-related questions will not be answered in this class, as those are always better answered after a thorough client intake. None of the information shared in the class is meant as medical advice and is meant as educational material.

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