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East Bay Herbals Apothecary

The Tradition and Practice of an Apothecary

Though the term apothecary has gained popularity in the marketing world during recent times, the origins and meaning of this word t have long and ancient roots. An apothecary isn't just a place, but a person and their carefully crafted herbal goods, made to honor the magic, art, and science of herbal medicine making, and all that it holds. The apothecary is a space for the herbalist to connect with their community, using their years of training to create carefully-crafted, high-quality remedies that support the mind, body, and soul. This traditional style of business is a long-standing practice, and I am honored to create with all of you. The East Bay Herbals Apothecary will move in alignment with the seasons, changing offerings as needed, and as always featured ethically and sustainably sourced herbs and ingredients.

What's In The Shop
The shop is updated each season and will offer a variety of herbal products designed to help support the body and mind during each specific time of year. Offerings will be released on a quarterly basis and will change with the seasons, offering herbal support designed to help us embrace the magic of the season ahead and provide balance to the body at the same time. Products will be made in limited small batch runs.

Interested in checking it out? Browse our selection of seasonally curated herbal goods below!


Please Note: We are a true small-batch apothecary and orders will typically ship within 1-2 weeks from the purchase date. If you need your items sooner than that, feel free to reach out and we will accommodate you if possible.

Custom Order Potions
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