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Building Your Home Apothecary
Learn Herbalist Tips For Getting Started On Building Your Home Medicine Chesty
Building Your Home Apothecary
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How To Begin Creating Your Own Home Apothecary + Medicine Chest With Garden Herbs

The Home Apothecary/Medicine Chest

From immune boosting botanicals, to first aid herbals and culinary medicinals, the home apothecary is an important component to any healer's toolkit. We often think of building an apothecary with loads of fancy herbs, but sometimes the mightiest ones are filled with garden-fresh medicines, made right in your home. The tradition and practice of building and tending a home apothecary is one families relied on for many years, before the act of preparing (herbal) medicines was removed from the home.

Interested in learning the basics of crafting your own home apothecary as a beginner herbalist at home? Check out my free lesson on reclaiming this traditional practice as your own and starting on your own apothecary at home.

Using Garden Fresh Herbs For Your Apothecary
This year when you're cleaning up your garden, think of which herbs can be collected to help bolster your home apothecary, setting you and your family up for the seasons ahead. The garden is an excellent place to start and powerhouse when it comes to healing home remedies to support you and your family all winter long. Don't have a garden? Check out local herb suppliers for choice ingredients and dried herbs to get you started in building your apothecary at first.



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