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Herbal + Holistic Health

Holistic Wellness Packages //  Herbal + Nutrition Consultations  // Herbal Apothecary

Tea Infusion

East Bay Herbals'  offers private herbal consultations and custom formulations by appointment. We offer services for clients working with a range of issues including pre-existing medical conditions, general wellness, and preventative health. We work from a scope that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit and strive to incorporate these different aspects into our herbal recommendations. We work with our clients to find approachable strategies that work with their lives and meet them where they are. Herbal recommendations may include teas, extracts, salves, syrups, vinegar, oils, foods, and flower essences.

Common areas supported through herbal medicine include digestion, stress, depression and anxiety, seasonal wellness, fatigue and energy balance, reproductive health, immune system support, skin health, partum and postpartum care, chronic illness support, cancer support, terminal illness support, autoimmune support, and more.

We are happy to have a network of other alternative healthcare practitioners that we are able to refer out to if the client's concerns would be better approached with a different modality including acupuncture, functional medicine, conventional medicine, physical therapy, craniosacral therapy, and advanced nutrition support. Are you a local practitioner that would like to connect? Reach out through the 'connect' section of the website.

Pricing + Offerings

Distance Healings

Integrative Health Packages

See below for a diverse selection of consultation offerings. Integrative wellness packages include both herbal and holistic nutrition recommendations and can be customized with the add-on of customized recipes to meet clients' needs. Packages are strongly recommended for those with long-term or chronic concerns, for those committed to integrating the values of holistic health into their lives, and for those wanting a higher level of support and contact with their practitioner. Clients will see the greatest benefit from their holistic journey by fully immersing themselves in their health goals. Find my 6-month, 3-month, and 1-moth packages below:



1-Month Whole Health Coaching Package  ($550)

This comprehensive package is perfect for someone who wants to get a jump start on their health goals using herbs, foods, and lifestyle shifts. This package is set up through a coaching lens, offering weekly phone check-ins to ensure that you're staying on track and committed to your work, and to help you work through any challenges that impede you along the way. This package includes customized herbal formulas, an integrative dietary plan, weekly phone check-ins, and an end-of-month follow-up appointment with an updated plan. This package is recommended for those looking to explore the healing power of plant and food medicine with a high level of contact and coaching support when beginning their journey. Complimentary discovery calls are offered for clients seeking to explore this package.

  • (1) 90-minute initial wellness consult

  • (1) 45-minute follow-up at end of the month

  • Personalized herbal, dietary, and lifestyle wellness plan + Updated Plan at the end

  • Weekly phone check-ins and email coaching support to help support your process

  • 1-3 Customized herbal blends per session (local pick-up and shipping options available)

3-Month Restored Vitality Package  ($850)

This structured package is an ideal match for someone who is ready to implement lifestyle and dietary changes aimed at supporting them in a specific health goal. Through a three-month process, we will explore nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle approaches to holistically support your goal. This package includes customized herbal formulas and dietary recommendations and offers the option to add personalized holistic nutrition recipes crafted to fit the client's needs based on our work.


This package is recommended for someone with long-term and/or chronic health concerns seeking to develop alternative tools to help support their concerns. Clients who are committed and focused on how their body interacts with plant and food medicine often see the best results. Complimentary discovery calls are offered for clients seeking to explore and/or book this package.

  • (1) 90-minute comprehensive initial assessment

  • (2) Monthly 30-minute follow-ups

  • Weekly email support as needed

  • Personalized herbal, dietary, and lifestyle plan (1-per consult and/follow-up)

  • 2-3 Customized herbal products per consult(local pick-up and shipping options)

  • Discounts on classes and at the EBH Apothecary online store (10%)

  • Optional Add On: 2-3 personalized recipes for incorporating nutritional info

  • Discounts are available when possible and on an as-needed financial basis for those with chronic issues and limited income; inquire if needed.

6-Month Creating New Habits + Pathways Package  ($1500)

This comprehensive package is an ideal match for someone who is committed to making lifestyle and dietary changes aimed at supporting them in their life-long health goals and overall well-being. This package is all about exploring the obstacles that get in the way of our healing process while looking at how we can evolve our patterns and habits to better support us in our health. This package also looks at the connection of our physical health to our energetic and ancestral selves, bringing enhanced clarity and connection to our process. The creating new neural pathways package is all about meeting ourselves where we are in order to discover strengths and tenderly embrace our areas of challenge. The concert of mind-body awareness, inner reflection, energetic engagement, and clinical herbal/dietary support are what make this special package unique.

This package features both dietary and herbal support including customized herbal formulas and dietary recommendations. Clients who are committed and focused on how their body interacts with plant and food medicine often see the best results. Complimentary discovery calls are offered and required for clients seeking to explore and/or book this transformative package.


  • (1) 90-minute initial consultation and comprehensive intake interview

  • (5) Monthly follow-ups  (45-minutes)

  • Weekly email/coaching support  (as needed)

  • Evolving personalized herbal, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations (1-Per Session). These plans build on each other throughout the course of our work

  • Custom herbal products and formulations  (as needed)

  • Coaching and inner work prompts for spiritual growth

  • Energetic blockage and ancestral pattern exploration w/ flower essences to support. Meditation prompts and clearing work available as needed

  • Referrals to complementary practitioners and healing modalities  (including movement, functional medicine, bodywork, somatic, and energetic work)

  • Lab work options and recommendations (if needed) as well as access to professional-grade supplements through Full Script and Standard Process

  • Discounts on East Bay Herbal classes

A-La-Carte Herbal Consultations

Initial Herbal Wellness Consultation / Single Session  ($250) 

* Book This Offering For Seasonal Wellness Consults *

This offering is for someone who wants to learn how herbal medicine can help support them with a particular goal or concern. The consult includes a complete health intake and lasts 55 minutes. This offering includes customized herbal formula recommendations as well as an herbal wellness protocol with the option to purchase herbal products through the client-only herbal apothecary.  A follow-up is recommended 4-6 weeks after the initial consult.

Community Herb Program

About Our Herbal Products + Apothecary

All of our herbal formulas are made from ethically harvested and/or farmed herbs, and is organic unless organic sourcing is not available. We strive to source our plants from local farms and growers when possible, and are committed to working with suppliers who we feel are offering the best quality plants.

All medicine is made in-house (except in rare instances). Medicine made out of house will be purchased from trusted and respected local medicine makers.

Are you a medicine maker or local herb farmer who would like to connect? Contact us through the 'connect' section of our website.

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