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Free Lung Love For Fire Support Workshop w/ The Remedy + East Bay Herbals

Recorded in August of 2020

Lung Love for Fire Season
With Anna Marie Beauchemin RH (AHG) of East Bay Herbals +
Andrea Telfer-Karbo (FNP) of The Remedy

Join Anna and Andrea for a free seasonal class on how you can better support your respiratory system during the wildfire months. In this free one-hour class we will cover herbs, nutrition, and supplements that can be added into your life for additional support, as well as lifestyle practices for taking care of your whole health.

Andrea Telfer-Karbo (FNP) is a holistic health + functional medicine practitioner who runs The Remedy wellness center in downtown Martinez offering functional medicine, health coaching, and acupuncture. Anna Marie Beauchemin RH (AHG) is a registered herbalist and holistic nutritionist who runs East Bay Herbals, a community apothecary offering herbal consultations, custom and seasonal herbal formulations, and community classes and workshops.

These two local practitioners have teamed up to offer you some holistic tips during this challenging time.

 That includes nutrition, protocols, recipes and a recap on our presentation to help you clear out the smoke

Please Note: That the information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition and Anna Marie Beauchemin is not a licensed healthcare provider The practice of herbalism is complementary in nature and does not replace the advice of a licensed medical provider. Please remember to consult with a licensed physician before adding any herbal supplements into your diet, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication. By viewing this video you agree to take responsibility for your decisions, health, and wellbeing.

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