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Free Community Classes

One of East Bay Herbals' core philosophies is the belief that herbal medicine should be accessible and relatable to anyone who wishes to utilize it. Though the practice of herbalism has been in existence for thousands of years, its relevance in the modern health paradigm has been lost in recent times. East Bay Herbals' is proud to be doing their part to help spread awareness about the benefits of herbal medicine at the community level by offering ongoing free educational health classes to the public. See our Free Community Education events section to find a class today.

Lung Love Recording
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Lung Love - Herbs For Respiratory Support
Recording Available Until 10/31/20
W/ Special Guest Speaker - The Remedy

Fire season has landed in California and we're here to offer some herbal support! Join East Bay Herbals for a Free Community Class all about herbs and lifestyle strategies to help support the respiratory system during this difficult time. Herbs for stress will also be touched on as this has been one of the most stressful summers of our collective experience, and nervous system support is always a must!

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