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Ancestral Connections

cempasúchil and a candle

Ancestral Connections

A theme that is oh-so-relevant this time of year, the idea of connecting with out ancestors is an old and honored practice in many cultures and customs. The idea being that those that came before us have not only paved the way for our existence today, but have many lessons, customs, and knowledge to share with us. In the eyes of many cultures, the practice of connecting with our ancestors is both educational and respectful and helps to ground us in our present life.

By learning about the ways of those who came before us, we tap into an ancient well of knowledge that has been feeding our people (no matter who they are) across the ages. Regardless of where your ancestors are from, there are deep, indigenous, and ancient practices that can serve you in this lifetime and the next if you choose to uncover them. While working with our ancestors can bring grounding and connection, it can also bring the opportunity for healing and growth. Along with ancestral connection can also come clearing and healing.

Ancestral Clearing

Often in my work with clients I find spaces where connecting with our ancestral ways can bring greater healing, more grounding, and energetic clearing. While we often carry the good from our ancestral connections, we can also what wounds are we carrying wounds and trauma. While we learn to adapt and work around these patterns, when we spend some time to lean in and explore, we can often find that we have the capacity to unfurl these patterns to help support us in this lifetime and the next.

When working with clients to help clear ancestral energy patterns the work may look like a guided meditation, a flower essence blend for moving energy, or a mindset shift paired with intentional practices to help assist them in re-wiring this narrative and way of being that is not serving them in this lifetime or body. To see how I implemented this with one of my clients, see a case study below:

Client Case Study: Ancestral Clearing

Client Backstory: Client experiencing chronic cyclical burnout linked to the patterns and habits of her mother. Knew lifestyle wasn't in alignment for her, having a hard time redirecting.

In-Session Guided Meditation + Ancestral Clearing: To clear other people's energy out of her space, look at where she was storing the ancestral energy in her body (adrenals); start to work to clear this energy out

Herbs + Essences:

  1. Energetic Flower Essence: Rose, Yarrow, Shasta Lily, Cempasúchil (self love, boundary protection, energy re-alignment, ancestor energy)

  2. Soothing Tea Blend: Milky Oats, Skullcap, Marshmallow, Tulsi (soothing and nourishing/restorative to the nervous system)

  3. Cleansing Bath: Rosemary and rue for protection and cleansing with salt

Home Practices:

  1. Nightly meditation to clear space

  2. Candle lighting and clearing for mother to help her find a new path and find peace

Have You Done Ancestral Work?

If so what did you think? If not, what do you think is holding you back?


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