A lively and refreshing blend of cooling, calming, and heat reducing botanicals designed to leave your face and bod feeling fresh and crisp amidst the heavy summer heat. This specially formulated cooling mist supports both the skin and nervous system, pairing cooling and moistening herbs, with anxiolytic botanicals, perfect for soothing not just the body, but the spirit and mind as well.


Keep the bottle in your fridge for a midday mist when the sun's getting hot, or for a nice little chill-out break during times of overwhelm. Each bottle contains 2 oz of cooling botanical mist.

Ingredients: Hydrosols of peach leaf, catnip, and lavender, distilled in small batches in a european copper still using fresh, local botanicals.

How To Use: Spritz face and/or body whenever you need a quick cool-me-down or a calming mental reset during the busy day; store in fridge for maximum freshness and an extra dose of chill with your mist.



We pride ourselves in using the best-quality herbs and ingredients we can for our blends; all herbs are organic if possible, and sourced from small local farms or trusted herbal suppliers with integrity and ethics.


Photo by Gina Marie Casey @gmc_photographer

Cooling Facial Spritz

  • Please notify us immediately if there are any problems with your order. Products cannot be returned and no refund or exchange is offered, as these are small batch products made in limited runs. Please enjoy and thank you for supporting small business.