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Servings: 18 cups of tea (recommended in 1-2 cup servings at a time)


This finely crafted autumnal tea is perfect for supporting both the lungs and immune system during the season of fall. A traditional time for supporting the respiratory system, this seasonal tea harnesses the lung-tonifying properties of mullein leaf paired with the immune system supportive herbs tulsi (anti-viral adaptogen), elderberry (anti-viral), ginger (warming anti-viral), and thyme (anti-microbial). A wonderful tea to be had in the evenings to help tonify and support your respiratory system during the autumn months, or to sip on during times of wildfire smoke.  Each tea bag contains 1.25 oz blended tea.

Ingredients: Mullein leaves, Tulsi leaves and flowers, Elderberries, Ginger root, Thyme leaves

How To Brew: Shake bag before use; Take 1-2 tablespoons of the tea blend and steep in 1-2 cups water, covered, for 15-20 minutes. Strain using a fine-mesh strainer and enjoy warm.


We pride ourselves in using the best-quality herbs we can for our blends; all herbs are organic if possible, and sourced from small local farms or trusted herbal suppliers with integrity and ethics.


Photo by Gina Marie Casey @gmc_photographer

Autumn Lung + Fire Tea

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