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Garden Hydrosol Tutorial
Learn How To Distill Garden-Fresh Hydrosols The Anceint Way
Garden Fresh Hydrosols
- Free Online Tutorial + Mini E-Course -
Step-by-Step Guide + Demo Video

The Art of Distillation

The art of distillation has been around for thousands of years and is one of the most potent ways to harness the magic of the garden. Alcohol, essential oils, and plant-rich hydrosols can all be crafted using this ancient art and craft.

Hand-Crafted Hydrosols
A byproduct of the essential oil distilling process, herbal hydrosols are produced through the distillation of water that then passes through plant matter through steam, and is finally condensed and collected for medicine and magic. The process infused the water with the medicinal properties of the plant, which we then call a hydrosol. Floating on top of your finished hydrosol you'll find a thin layer of oil, which is the essential oil from the plant. You can collect this and save it, though I tend to leave mine in my hydrosols creating an extra potent magical touch.

Garden Foraged Botanicals

An excellent way to utilize the bounty of the garden during the summer months, herbal hydrosols keep for 2-3 years when stored properly in the fridge and can be used in a variety of medicinal concoctions ranging from skincare products to beverages (if you remove the essential oils), bug sprays, and more. 

To learn how I use my copper still to create hand-crafted garden hydrosols what this short video below and follow along through my step-by-step instructions.


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