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Wellness Workshops

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Community Education Program

One of East Bay Herbals' core philosophies is the belief that herbal medicine should be accessible and relatable to anyone who wishes to utilize it. Though the practice of herbalism has been in existence for thousands of years, its relevance in the modern health paradigm has been lost in recent times. East Bay Herbals' is proud to be doing their part to help spread awareness about the benefits of herbal medicine at the community level by offering ongoing free educational health classes to the public. See our Free Community Education events section to find a class today.

Private Workshops / Classes / Events

Interested in hosting East Bay Herbals to give a talk for you and/or your community? We offer wellness workshops for a variety of occasions ranging from academic classes designed for herbal-based-institutions, to corporate wellness workshops for the workplace. We have a suite of pre-designed workshops and classes that we can offer based on your interests and/or needs, and can customize material as well. Pricing for each category varies, so please contact us to learn more.

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Herbal Education + Community Organizations

We offer herbal education classes for beginning level herbal curriculum classes at the academic level as well as community oriented programs designed to engage the audience and leave them feeling inspired about exploring the concepts of herbal wellness. Our programs are designed with the particular community being addressed in mind, and can be curtailed to your unique audience depending on their needs and/or interests.


Examples of places I've worked with include: Herbal Schools, Herb Shops, Community College Programs, Community Organizations, Adult School Programs, Youth Environmental Education Programs, Botanical Field Study Programs, Garden Clubs, Nurseries, Hospitals, and More

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Workplace Wellness + Industry Training Programs

Are you a business that is interested in offering your employees the perk of wellness education? We offer a variety of workshops geared towards the workplace, with an emphasis on natural ways to manage common workplace concerns and issues. Looking to offer your employees a class on something specific? We create custom workshops and ongoing workshops series as well that can be designed to address your particular interests or concerns. For more information or to receive additional information on workshop wellness packages, contact us today.

Herbal Tea

Private Workshops

Looking to host your own in-home herbal workshop for you and a few friends? We offer private workshops for small groups in the privacy of your own home. These workshops can be offered as a one-time thing or as part of a longer series. Have a space with a large kitchen? We can offer cooking and medicine making demos and DIY options as well. Some examples of workshop topics include: Herbal Medicine Making, Introduction To Herbal Medicine, Home Remedies For, Common Family Ailments, Using Herbs in Cooking, Herbal Aphrodesiacs + Love Potions, Herbs, For Natural Stress Management, Herbs For Women, Herbal Practices For Vibrant Self-Care

And More...

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Events + Retreats

Throwing an event or retreat and looking to add the voice of herbal wellness to the lineup? We offer custom options for private events, retreats, panel discussions and more. We are passionate about collaborating with other individuals who share our same vision for health, wellness, and vitality, and would love to connect with you about bringing the practices and lessons of herbal wellness to the mix. Email us today to learn more.

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