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East Bay Herbals'  offers private herbal consultations and custom formulations by appointment. We offer services for clients working with a range of issues including pre-existing medical conditions, general wellness, and preventative health. We work from a scope that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit and strive to incorporate these different aspects into our herbal recommendations. We work with our clients to find approachable strategies that work with their lives and meet them where they are. Herbal recommendations may include teas, extracts, salves, syrups, vinegar, oils, foods, and flower essences.

Common areas supported through herbal medicine include digestion, stress, depression and anxiety, seasonal wellness, fatigue and energy balance, reproductive health, immune system support, skin health, partum and postpartum care, chronic illness support, cancer support, terminal illness support, autoimmune support, and more.

We are happy to have a network of other alternative healthcare practitioners that we are able to refer out to if the client's concerns would be better approached with a different modality including acupuncture, functional medicine, conventional medicine, physical therapy, craniosacral therapy, and advanced nutrition support. Are you a local practitioner that would like to connect? Reach out through the 'connect' section of the website.

Pricing + Offerings


Herbal Wellness Consultations

See below for our diverse selection of consultation offerings. We strive to make herbal medicine affordable and relatable to everyone who wishes to utilize it and offer consultations at a variety of price points to make this happen. Looking to commit to a 3-6 month period of exploring herbal medicine and interested in package pricing? Please contact us for more information.



Initial Herbal Consultation + Custom Formulation  ($120)

75-90 minute introductory consultation. During our consultation we will go over your health history and area of concern and develop recommendations to help support you in your health goals, which will include suggestions for custom-blended herbal product(s). This offering is ideal for someone who is curious about herbal medicine and would like to explore how it can benefit their life and health or for someone with an existing condition that they would like support with. Follow-up consultations last 30-45 minutes and cost $65 -$80 plus the price of herbs.


Follow-Up Consultations ($65-$85 )

For someone who has already undergone a full-length herbal consult (see above) and wants to check-in about their pre-existing condition or chat about something new that has arisen. Check-ins last 30-45 minutes and include herbal and lifestyle recommendations as well as suggestions for custom blended products. Herbal products can be purchased at the time of consult. Check-ins are recommended (but not required) every 1-4 months depending on the client's issue.

Pop-Up Apothecary

Low-Cost Community Consults  (virtual until further notice)
Next Date(s): November 16th, 2020 - November 19th, 2020 / M-F / Online Via Zoom

In light of the current health climate, we are taking our Pop-Up Apothecary online and expanding our hours over a two-week period. Custom blended herbal formulas will be available for shipment after each consult (porch drop-offs available for local clients). We have a number of pre-blended immune-supportive teas and formulas that can be added to each order as well.

Consultations last 15-20 minutes and are $25 + the cost of herbs; custom blended products are optional and available for pick-up following your visit, for an additional fee. Online consults will be by appointment and can be made by contacting eastbayherbals@gmail.com


Budding Herbalist Support

Budding Herbalist Support  (Via Phone or Email)

Are you a budding herbalist exploring plant medicine on your own who would like some additional support for your studies? Phone and email question answering sessions are available for personal herb-related and medicine making inquiries. If you are interested in this service, please reach out via email explaining who you are, what your level of experience is, and what type of support you are looking for.



Free 15-Minute Discovery Calls

Interested but not sure if an appointment is right for you? We offer free 10-minute phone intros for new clients. Reach out to schedule yours today!


Custom Formulations


Individual Herbal Formulations

We offer custom herbal formulations as part of our consultations. Herbs will be selected based on your specific needs, and made into a custom blended product. Each formula is unique to the person at this moment in time.

Our blends are made by herbalists trained in medicine making and utilize the best quality ingredients available. We offer teas, plant extracts, salves, syrups, steams, oils, vinegars, honeys, and more.


Custom-Crafted Products

Do you have a product in mind that you are interested in having hand-crafted by a trained herbalist? Contact us to give more information on what you are looking for and to receive pricing info.


Practitioner Formulations

Are you a health and wellness professional interested in offering your client an herbal product? See the Business Consulting section of our website to learn more, or send us an email to connect!

Note: To offer the highest quality of care to our clients, we only offer herbal formulas after consulting with a client, either by phone or appointment.

About Our Medicine


All of our medicine is made from ethically harvested and/or farmed herbs, and is organic unless organic sourcing is not available. We strive to source our plants from local farms and growers when possible, and are comitted to working with suppliers who we feel are offering the best quality plants.

All medicine is made in-house (except in rare instances). Medicine made out of house will be purchased from trusted and respected local medicine makers.

Are you a medicine maker or local herb farmer who would like to connect? Contact us through the 'connect' section of our website.

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