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Herbal Consultations + Holistic Health

Clinical and Traditional Herbalism // Holistic Nutrition // Energy Work // Apothecary

Tea Infusion

East Bay Herbals'  offers private herbal consultations and custom formulations by appointment. We offer services for clients working with a range of issues including pre-existing conditions, general wellness, energetic well being, and preventative health. I work from a scope that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit and strive to incorporate these different aspects into my herbal recommendations. I work with our clients to find approachable strategies that work with their lives and meet them where they are. Herbal protocols may include teas, extracts, salves, syrups, vinegar, oils, foods, flower essences, and constitutional balancing.

Common areas supported through herbalism include digestion, stress, mental health, seasonal wellness, fatigue and energy balance, nervous system support, brain support, reproductive health, immune system health, skin health,  postpartum care, and energetic imbalances. As a clinical and traditional herbalist I work with people to find better balance in their lives, using herbs, foods, and energetic practices to help restore balance to the body, facilitating healing and growth. In my practice traditional methods meet with modern approaches to create well-informed, intentional, and thoughtful protocols that address a person's true health story.

I am happy to have a network of other strong and knowledgeable alternative healthcare practitioners that I am able to refer out to if the client and situation calls for additional support. My referral community includes acupuncture, functional medicine, conventional medicine, physical therapy, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, advanced nutrition support, osteopathy, mental health therapy, physical fitness, and clairvoyant practitioners. Are you a local practitioner that would like to connect? Reach out through the 'connect' section of the website.

Pricing + Offerings

Distance Healings

Integrative Health Package

The Integrative wellness package includes both herbal and holistic nutrition recommendations and can be customized with the add-on recipes to meet clients' needs. Packages are strongly recommended for those with long-term or chronic concerns and for those looking to take a truly holistic view of their well-being through a traditional and modern alternative lens for transformation and growth. The 3-month package offers a higher level of support and contact and will create a comprehensive plan for well-being and healing. Clients will see the greatest benefit from their holistic journey by fully immersing themselves in their health goals and committing to the process of learning and change. Want to learn more before booking? Schedule a discovery call to learn

3-Month Restored Vitality

Integrative Health + Coaching Package  ($450/Month)

This structured package is an ideal match for someone who is ready to implement lifestyle and dietary changes aimed at supporting them in a specific health goal. Through a three-month process, we will explore nutritional, herbal, lifestyle, and energetic approaches to holistically support you in your health goals and concerns. Each month will focus on a different component of health: herbs, diet, and energetic/lifestyle connections and practices including ancestral karma when applicable. This package includes customized health protocols each month as well as bespoke herbal formulas and dietary plans. Herbs are offered through the client-only apothecary.


This package is recommended for someone with long-term or re-occurring concerns seeking to develop alternative tools to help support them in their health, or for someone looking for a holistic overview of their life using both clinical and traditional methods. The end goal is to facilitate change to better support them where they are, and where they want to be. Clients who are committed, focused, and ready to grow see best results and tend to have the most transformative experience. Consultations are held at my office in Benicia or over Zoom.

  • (1) 90-minute comprehensive initial assessment

  • (2) Monthly 45-minute follow-ups

  • Email check-ins as needed between sessions

  • Personalized herbal, dietary, and lifestyle plan (1-per session)

  • Custom herbal products from client-only apothecary 

  • Energetic healing and lifestyle practices, rituals, and prompts

  • Traditional and clinical constitutional assessments and support

  • Optional Add On: 2-3 personalized recipes for incorporating nutritional info

One-Time Office Visit

Custom Herbal Protocol / Single Session  ($350)

This offering is for someone who wants to learn how herbal medicine can help support them with a particular goal or concern. The one-time consult includes a complete health intake around the specific concern you are seeking support with and a detailed herbal protocol including customized herbal formula recommendations. If you have a more involved issue or require follow-up care, I recommend looking at the three-month package. Consultations can be held in-person at my office in Benicia or over Zoom. A check-in will be scheduled following your appt.

Community Herb Program

See What Clients Are Saying About Their Sessions

Cropped shot of a young multi-ethnic woman's stomach cupped by her hands.jpg

 Autoimmune Client  / Age 33

"I loved working with Anna!

She heard me and understood the emotional baggage that came with my auto-immune diagnosis and taught me a great meditation to work through when I was having anxiety about my flare ups. This is so rare because she didn't just help me  improve my symptoms, she understood stress is one of my triggers and helped me deal with the root of the issue.

At the same time she knew how to support my body-systems and there was no taboo around what my body was experiencing. I felt seen as a person, not a dr. record. Highly recommend!"

- A.W.

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