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Lavender Lemon Spritzer

w/Chamomile Bitters


Plant-Based Cocktails + Mocktails

Been looking for ways to give your seasonal libations a little extra kick? This festive summer cocktail/mocktail features calming and bitter botanicals, creating a fun cocktail/mocktail that also boasts the benefits of medicnal plants. Make it as a mocktail for a calming and digestive supporting herbal elixir, perfect as a substitute for an alocholic beverage at summer time events and mixers. Want to give it a little extra punch? Try adding a bontaical based spirit  (such as gin)  for a refreshing summer cocktail that also features the versatility of the medicinal plant world.


Herbal Bitters + Calming Flowers

The lavender lemon spritzer below features a combination of soothing and relaxing botanicals, paired with the bitter qualities of chamomiles flowers to create a balanced botanical drink that can easily be made into a cocktail for summer barbeques or beachside hangs. Btters have long been used to help support the digestive system, whether through food or drink, taken with or a before a meal. Their incorporation into aperitifs and other digestive cocktails has long been used in Italy and France, as well as many other countries who utilize the power of plants.




1/2-ounce lavender lemon syrup

3-5 drops chamomile bitters

1-lemon zest twist

Sparkling water (or champagne for a French 75 version)

Chipped ice (for shaking and serving)

Collins Glass (or cocktail glass of choice)

To Make Alcoholic: 1.5 oz of Gin or Vodka




Add syrup, ice, bitters, and gin (if using) to a shaker and shake for 5-10 seconds. Add chipped ice to your cocktail glass; strain drink into glass and top with sparkling water (or champagne for a French 75 version). Twist lemon peel and rub around the rim of the glass and then add to the glass; can also garnish with a sprig of fresh lavender if desired. Add a straw and voila! For a non-alc version add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice into the shaker along with the other ingredients.




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East Bay Herbals does not promote wild-crafting for your medicinal plant needs.of, and should be left alone for mother nature to care for. We encourage you to either purchase your plants from a trusted herb retailer (we love The Sonoma County Herb Exchange), from your local farmer's market, or to experiment with growing your own. Many medicinal plant seeds can be found at your local nursery or purchased online from the wonderful seed

savers at Strictly Medicinal Seeds.

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