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Herbal Tea

East Bay Herbals is proud to offer a variety of services for herb-centric businesses and food + wellness based publications. From content and freelance writing to product development and consulting, we are happy to team up with other businesses and/or media outlets who are focused on offering high-quality and ethical herbal products, services, and information to their communities. Whether you are a practitioner who would like to start incorporating herbal remedies into your practice, or a company looking to change the world through your herbal product line - we are happy to connect. With a robust background in independent consulting and engaging with a variety of audiences we are happy to work with you to meet your individual needs. For a glimpse of our offerings peruse the categories below. Don't see what you're looking for but think we may be a good fit? Don't be afraid to reach out!


Business Consulting + Product Development

While anyone can throw an herbal blend together and put it on the shelf, the real magic of herbal medicine is in the detailed formulation of a well-crafted herbal blend. As a clinically trained herbalist and practicing herbal practitioner, I am proud to offer services for businesses who are featuring herbal product lines and would like to add credibility and ethics to their line.

Who's our dream client? If you're an ethically minded business who wants to make the world a happier, better, or tastier place with your products and/or craft creations we may be a good match! We are stoked about the idea of working with: small-batch herbal product creators, food and beverage professionals looking to feature some herbal-inspired special releases, burgeoning businesses who want to feature plant-based food and/or wellness, and artisan folks who are inspired about using herbs and working on collaborations.

Interested in learning more? Contact us below to book a 20-minute complimentary discovery call to see if we might make a good match!


Content Creation + Copywriting

Are you an herbal-based company looking for a qualified writer to add credibility, accuracy, and flair to your content? Or perhaps you're a publication or magazine looking to feature some herbal related stories and/or recipes. We offer content and free-lance writing services for a variety of publication types including social media, marketing material, online publications, magazines, and blogs. We are proud to offer services that not only take the legal and ethical guidelines of presenting herbal material into account, but that also speaks in a genuine and lighthearted voice. We believe in the power of plant-based wellness, and take pride in finding the right approach to make this material digestible and inspiring for a wide range of audiences. 


Think we may be a good match? For a portfolio of our work and project pricing please contact for writing samples and copywriting rates.

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Practitioner Recommendations + Custom Herbal Formulas

Teamwork: are you an alternative (or conventional) medical practitioner who would like to offer your clients herbal formulas? We offer collaborative services to healthcare professionals without a strong background in herbal medicine, who would like to offer herbal supplements to their clients. We believe that our society's true potential for healing is in the collaborative space between healthcare professionals, each working together using their own set of unique skills.  We can offer:

Herbal recommendations for your clients based off of your findings

Custom alcohol-based herbal extract formulas

Custom blended herbal teas

Custom blended herbal oils and salves

Custom glycerine-based herbal formulas (alcohol-free alternative)

Custom blended flower essence formulas

Herbal bath blends and foot soaks

Contact us today for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to learn more about our services, and approach to herbal medicine making. Project pricing is customized for each practitioner.

Practitioner Reccomendations
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