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The Herbal Path
9-Month Herbal Apprenticeship
Cohort Started September 21, 2023 (Next Cohort Announced in 2024)
The Herbal Path
9-Month Herbal Apprenticeship
With Anna Marie Beauchemin, RH(AHG)


The Herbal Path
Are you ready to embrace the inner healer that was always meant to be?
Join Clinical Registered Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Biologist/Natural Historian, and Energetic Healer, Anna Marie Beauchemin, on a 9-month journey to re-ignite the spark of healing herbal intuition and earth-based wisdom that we were all innately born with.


In this 9-month program we will learn to walk the Herbal Path, by using herbs, foods, seasonality, and earth-centered practices to nourish our own life and the lives of people close to us. In this program we will learn the art of home-based herbal healing, gardening, cooking, medicinal plant medicine making, and above all, how to connect and trust our own inner wisdom and intution when approaching our lives. If you have felt the sparks of becoming an herbalist deep down inside you, join me to uncover how to step into this knowing and claim this birthright as your own.

The Herbal Apprenticeship Program

The traditional way of learning the art and science of herbalism, an Herbal Apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to work alongside a trained herbalist to learn and study their unique and individual style of the craft. This program will be rooted in Anna's own teachings in herbalism (see below for experience and training) and will focus on both earth-based intuitive knowledge, current research and modern scientific uses of herbs, and traditional teachings. This 9-month program will follow Anna on her herbal path, and hopefully, inspire you to walk your own. Class meets monthly on Thursday evenings for 2.5 hours in-person and includes lectures and hands-on activities. We will meet for five weekend half-day field trips over the course of 9-months, including medicine-making intensives. Students will have access to the instructor during monthly office hours (virtual and in-person), and will have homework, self-paced herbal study prompts, monthly herbal deep dives, and a capstone project as part of the course. Certificates and a graduation gathering will complete our time together right before the Summer Solstice in June 2024.

Your Teacher + The Classroom

Anna Marie Beauchemin, RH(AHG) is a Clinical Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, Holistic Nutritionist, Conservation Biologist, and former working field biologist and plant teachings will include both modern science and traditional knowing. If you've been searching for an in-person, down-to-earth, integrative program to help you start your Herbal Path, then this program was built for you out of my own discovery of how to become an herbalist in a modern world. We will be studying together at the historic Rodger's Ranch Heritage Center, a beautiful, old, and historic Farmhouse located in Pleasant Hill California. This farmhouse is adjacent to both an herb garden run by the Herb Society of North America and the Rodger's Ranch Urban Farm and teaching garden. This old home has the charm and magic you would expect from a historical treasure and is the perfect place to travel back in time and revisit this ancestral way of being in the world. To learn more about Anna, see her credentials, education, publications, and professional experience here.

Class Lectures + Hands-On Lessons Held Monthly (2023 Cohort):
Thursday September 21,
Thursday October 19th, Thursday November 16th, Thursday December 14th, Thursday 15th, Thursday March 14th, Thursday April18th, Thursday May 9th, Thursday June 6th,
Graduation June 14th

Weekend Intensives + Medicine Making Workshops (2023 Cohort):

November 11th, February 24th, April 27th, May 26th

Special Guest Speakers (2023 Cohort):
William Morris, PhD, LAc, DOAM, RH (AHG) /  Erin Masako Wilkins, LAc of Herb Folk / Rachel Budde of Fat and The Moon

Veronica Ricksen, RH (AHG) + FAM Educator of Kapu Community, and more to come!

Virtual Office Hours:

Thursdays We Have Class 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Herbal Path (2023/2024 Cohort) Online Group:
Available to students at all times once class begins






Garden Education Opportunity: Rodgers Ranch Urban Farm

Permaculture + Biodynamic Gardening Participatory Program Pathway

For those interested, this program also  includes a pathway into joining the all-volunteer team at Rodgers Ranch  Urban Farm with founders John Matthesen (Chef and Professor) and Marian Woodard (Teacher and  Master Gardener).


Students in the Herbal Path program will have the opportunity to learn and participate at this unique teaching garden and community space that features permaculture and biodynamic gardening principles, the production of food and herbs for community care, and the education of how to use these herbs and foods from a culinary perspective. Rodgers Ranch is a beautiful community hub, and participating at this garden is an excellent way to join in on all it has to offer.

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Guest Speakers

All photos by Gina Marie Casey / GMC Photography

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