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East Bay Herbals Online Community
 Herb of The Month Club

W/Anna Marie Beauchemin, RH(AHG)
Learn About Herbs Online From a Professional Herbalist
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East Bay Herbals Online Community

- Herb of the Month Club -
An Herbalist-Led Online Community That Takes a Deep Dive Into Plants, Month by Month

Herb of The Month Club
The art of herbalism has traditionally been passed on from teacher to student. The ability to connect and ask questions, and know the lineage from which your herbal knowledge came, has long been an integral piece of herbalism. With this tradition in mind, and honoring the process of learning herbs directly from a working herbalist - the East Bay Herbals online community has been born.

Feeling inspired by my own learning (both in-person and online) I feel like I have come to really understand what it is that makes online learning fun, accessible, easily digestible, and above all - authentic.

In EBH's Herb of the Month Club we'll be tackling the power of herbalism, one herb at a time, month by month. What's even better? This online community comes with monthly access to me, your herbalist, for all your burning questions related to our month's studies. With 15 years of teaching experience under my belt, as well as years of online study, I can't tell how invaluable having access to your teacher truly is. Learning is an interactive process, and having someone to reflect with when you're confused is priceless.

Whether you're just starting to learn herbs or looking to add direct herbal study with an herbalist to your already robust education, the East Bay Herbals online community will be an interactive experience, suitable for everyone.

Interested in learning the basics of herbs and gaining the skills you need to start building your home apothecary? If so then I welcome you to hold tight until the doors open, and get first dibs on a spot in the East Bay Herbals first ever Online Community!


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Herbalist, Anna, With Students  / Photo by Gina Marie Casey

What Does Your Herb of The Month Club Membership Include?

Each month we will be taking a deep dive into a new herb, getting a holistic picture of the plant, how it's used traditionally, how I use it, and how we can work with it in our lives.  Learning herbs in this style is one of the oldest (and most traditional ways) to work with plants, and is a big part of how I studied plants when I was first learning herb. Each month includes educational content, a deep dive into the herb we're studying, learning prompts, and a live Q&A session to ask questions. Our topics and herbs will move with the seasons, giving seasonally and ecologically relevant info, each month. Every month students will get weekly lessons like these:

Monthly Herbal Lesson / (1) Month

Each month you will receive a detailed herbal lesson in the form of a monograph, designed and put together by me! This is part of what makes this herbs club so unique. As a practicing clinical herbalist I'll be sharing with you not lonely my learned experience with herbs, but my lived experience from clinic as well. This type of herbal learning is a direct knowledge share, and can be invaluable whether you are first learning herbs or even as an experienced herbalist as well.​

Monthly Learning  Prompts / (1) Month
Each month you'll be provided with learning prompts and activities to help you better understand, and learn about the herb we're studying. This interactive part of the community helps you to assimilate your studies and develop your own lived in experience of each herbs that we work with. These prompts will also include medicine making tutorials for building a home apothecary.

Live Monthly Q&A Session / (1) Month
This part of the online community is one of my favorites, and a perk that I've yet to see in any other online herbal education community. Each month members will have access to a live Q&A session where they can ask me, the herbalist, questions about any of the content we've covered during the month!

Community Chat Boards + Connecting With Other Members
The Herb of the Month Club will have live community chat boards where you can connect with other members, getting as interactive (or not) as you wish. A choose-your-own-adventure type of community, the world is your oyster in this intimate online herb club built all around connection. Prefer to keep to yourself? You'll get all you signed up for (and more) without engaging if that's more your speed.

Bonus Content, Recipes, Articles, Videos, Medicine Making Tutorials, and More!
This club will also have a suite of other perks, including videos, articles, recipes, downloadable goodies, and more! Content will be refreshed each month to focus on the herb(s) we're learning and stay active for an additional month giving members plenty of time to access info. As the club grows, members will also have access to member-only recipes, articles, and features in the growing Herb of the Month Club resource archive. If you've been looking for a live, interactive, and seasonally relevant online herbal community to further enrich your study of herbs - this community will deliver all that and more, all while facilitated by an actual herbalist!

This Community is Hosted on Circle, Giving A Top-Tier Experience To Community Members


Making Flower Essences  / Photo by Gina Marie Casey

Meet Your Herbalist!

Hi Everyone! My name is Anna Marie Beauchemin, RH(AHG) and I am a professional registered herbalist, holistic nutritionist, long-time educator, and herbal product consultant. In addition to running this online community I see clients one-on-one in my private practice in Benicia, California and teach a 9-Month long in-person herbal apprenticeship program, The Herbal Path, in Pleasant Hill, California.

I am part of the teaching faculty at The Berkeley Herbal Center where I also teach first and second year clinical herbalists about herbs, nutrition, and plant-based therapeutics to help prepare them for their clinical practice.


As a former field research conservation biologist, I bring a unique and intricate understanding of the natural world to my work as an herbalist, and to the study of herbs. As a lifelong student (as most herbalists are)  I continue to study with herbal mentors and learn new modalities to further develop my craft and gain new skills  to share with my students, both in-person and online. In addition to studying herbalism, I have completed over 1000 hours of education in the field of Holistic Nutrition, earning multiple certificates of study.

Feel Like This Herbal Community Might Be Right For You?
Enjoy a Free 30-Day Trial Period If You Sign Up June 1-2nd, 2024


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)  / Photo by Gina Marie Casey

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