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A Day In The Life: At The Herbal Office

herbalist measuring herbs for a client
Photo By: GIna Marie Casey

A Day In The Life: At The Herbal Office

As a Clinical Registered Herbalist (RH) and Holistic Nutritionist, seeing one-on-one clients for herbal health is one of the biggest parts of my work as an herbalist. A tried and true tradition, when working to support people using herbs, it was custom for an herbalist to meet with their client (then called patient) to assess the situation and determine which herbs were best for the person and the case. Fast forward thousands of years, and this is still the practice today. Meeting with clients one-on-one allows for a deeper and more intimate understanding of the challenges the client is facing, which in turn leads to a better selection of herbs and a more personalized relationship in the healing process. Interested in learning what a day in the life at the herbal office looks like for me? See my normal process when working with a client below:

One: Arrive At Office and Prepare Healing Space

Meeting with an herbalist should be a healing experience in itself, so I always arrive at the office with plenty of time to prepare the room before my guests visit. I give myself time to review my client notes for the day, water my plants, and make sure the space is cozy and inviting. I select an herbal tea blend for the morning and/or afternoon and brew a small pot to have ready when clients arrive to for serving during the session. Mornings often start with an energetic clearing of the space and an intention for healing and connection that day.

Two: Client Arrival + Consultation

The office is equipped with a quaint waiting area where clients can sit, relax, and read free herbal educational material if they arrive before the session begins. Once the session begins, the doors are opened and clients are greeted with a warm cup of a tea and a cozy seat. We go over any forms that the client may have brought in, and then the deep dive begins. Herbal consultations typically follow a natural path of inquisition that flows between me and the client. As an herbalist, my job is almost akin to an investigator. I ask questions, and get back stories, and hold space for all that comes up during our time together. An initial consultation will last anywhere from 75-90 minutes, over the course of which we will cover topics such as symptoms, health history, health goals, dietary preferences, energetic blocks and concerns, and hopes and dreams for future change and health. In herbalism we are all about bringing things to balance, and much of our discovery session is uncover the areas that need clearing, nourishing, balancing, and/or attention and healing. The client also has the opportunity to ask questions they may have, or share information that they feel needs addressing. The goal of the herbalist is always to find the root of imbalance through a traditional lens and offer herbal remedies to support the body in finding it's own natural rhythm. The relationship between herbalist and client is one that encourages vulnerability and honesty, creating safety and comfort when sharing.

We'll end the session with a check-in and closing thoughts, and clients will go home with an herbal blend to begin using right away. After the client leaves, the deep formulation magic begins.

Three: Review and Formulation

Once the client leaves I clear my head and grab my own cup of tea and then I begin on the process of putting all the pieces together to pick the right herbs and approach. Once I've decided on a direction I get to work on crafting a unique client protocol using advanced herbal formulas, holistic dietary therapeutics, energetic shifting botanicals, and lifestyle recommendations. When applicable I also add suggestions for complimentary body work and somatic exercises.

Once the protocol is complete it is drafted and sent to the client via email for them to review. Once approved, the herbal formulas are crafted and shipped off to work their healing magic.

Clients who have made the personal investment to commit to three months of herbal healing exploration in my 3-Month Client Mentorship offering will then come in for follow-ups where we will address new layers of the healing process, and check-in with me along the way for support during their transformation period. Herbalism calls on us to fully commit and believe in our own healing potential and is often a life-changing experience for those who embark on the journey.

Four: Creating Client Formulas

Once the hard work is done (formulating and building a protocol) now is the time when I get to work creating custom blends using my large apothecary of consciously crafted and collected herbal tinctures, teas, oils, salves, soaks, essences, and more. Building out a client herbal package is time consuming and energetically shifting and requires applying the healing principles of herbalism when creating healing blends for people. Labels are created and packages are sent off to the client to receive and begin using. Questions are always welcome if a client has a question about what to do with their herbal potions and preparations.

Five: Cleanse Space + Head Home For The Night

After finishing all of my clients for the day I energetically cleanse the space, and close the officer down for the evening. I love the beautiful space that I am able to see clients in, and practice gratitude for every evening when I go home that I get to work the healing space that I do. Then it's time to lock the doors, wish my office mates adieu, and head off to my home for my own evening of relaxing and releasing from the day of healing work. A nice dinner and a good night's sleep are almost always on the docket after a day of working with others and the herbs that show up for them.

Come and see me at the office to embark on your herbal healing journey! If you've been working with herbs already or feeling the call to take your interest further, reach out and book a discovery call to see what working with me is all about. When you're ready, the herbal healing path is here to greet you to facilitate change, growth, and health.

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