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East Bay Herbals
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Are You Ready To Start Learning Herbalism Online From a Professional Herbalist?
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East Bay Herbals Online Community

- Coming Spring 2024 -

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East Bay Herbals Online Community

The art of herbalism has traditionally been passed on from teacher to student. A relationship with the person you're learning from, was always a part of the equation. The ability to connect and ask questions, and know the lineage from which your herbal knowledge came. In honor of this tradition and the process of learning herbs from a working herbalist, the East Bay Herbals online community has been born. An opportunity to start learning herbs or add direct herbal study to your already robust education, the East Bay Herbals online community will be an interactive experience, complete with monthly educational content.

Interested in learning the basics of herbs and gaining the skills you need to start building your home apothecary? If so then I welcome you to sign-up below and get first dibs on a spot in the East Bay Herbals first ever Online Community!

Ready To Start Your Herbal Study at Home With A Professional Herbalist?

Anna Marie Beauchemin, RH(AHG) is a  professional clinical registered herbalist, holistic nutritionist, long-time educator, and herbal product consultant. She sees clients one-on-one in her private practice in Benicia, California and teaches a 9-Month long in-person Herbal Apprenticeship in Pleasant Hill, California. She is part of the teaching faculty at The Berkeley Herbal Center where she teaches first and second year clinical herbalists about herbs, nutrition, ecology, and plant-based therapeutics.


As a former Field Research Conservation Biologist, Anna brings her unique and intricate understanding of the natural world to her work as an herbalist and to the study of learning herbs. Anna  has trained and continues to work with herbal mentors to further develop her craft and continue gaining new skills and knowledge to share with her students both in-person and online.



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