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Back To School Herbs

Whether you're a parent of wee ones going back to school or preparing to go back yourself, herbs can always offer support during this transitional and focus heavy time of year.

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School Is (Almost) Back in Session

Tis' that time of year! The kids are back (or almost back) in school the need to switch from summer fun to fall study is in full swing. When I was a kid, I remember going back almost a month later than kids do know, and in all honestly, I sympathize with parents who have to force the slowness and focus of fall on their kids who are heading back when the summer energy is still high in the air. How can we support an early onset of focus during a somewhat unnatural time for study - herbs! Whether you're returning to college, trade school, grade school, or getting ready to embark on a new academic adventure this fall (hello, new Herbal Path students), herbs are an excellent way to help support the body and mind as we head into a time of study and concentration.

Back To School Herbs

Which herbs are my favorites for focus and work? While my herbal choices often ebb and flow depending on the seasons, the one's below are tried and true for focus and a smooth start to the school year.

Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus)

Long revered as an herb (mushroom) that can help support cognitive function, lion's mane is used in the herbal world as a nootropic (aka herb that helps support cognitive studies). With benefits for the nerves and brain, lion's mane is a go-to herbal for super boosting the brain including memory, function, and healthy aging.

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)

What we call an adaptogenic herb, reishi is a classic herb for helping to support the spirit and nervous system, especially when navigating change. As an added bonus, reishi is also fortifying fo the immune system, making it a great addition into the diet especially in fall. Reishi is a mushroom, and therefore is best extracted in hot water and/or consumed as a powder to benefit from it's medicinal properties. It can be added to warm drinks, baked goods, oatmeal, and other foods for a dietary dose of this mushroom. As a general practice, I never recommend medicinal mushrooms when feeling ill, and always suggest taking them when feeling well (as a preventative or restorative).

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

One of my favorite herbs for the nervous system, this one is especially good for the kiddos who may have a difficult time transitioning into the year. A member of the mint family, lemon is cooling and calming (perfect for those warm classroom days) and is both uplifting and calming for the nervous system, making it a balancing nervine that helps to support a positive mood. As is the case with all herbs, please be sure to check in with you child's provider when adding new herbs into their diet, and always consult a source for proper herbal dosing for kids. In general it's advised that kids below the age of two refrain from herbs and caution exhibited below the age of 5, just as we see with adding in new foods.

Back To School Night For The Herbal Path

Feeling inspired by all the back-to-school energy? Join me for a special herbal back-to-school night for The Herbal Path 9-Month Herbal Apprenticeship program, on August 21st. Learning how to support yourself and your family during back-to-school transitions is just the beginning when it comes to learning how to use herbs for health and support.

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