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Full Moon Flower Water

herbalist holding a mason jar full of magical flowers in the garden, getting ready to make a full moon essence.
New/Full Moon Water and Flower Essence

Full Moon Flower Water

Full/new moon essence water is one of my newest obsessions, and just this week I thought - hey - why not add flowers too? Setting an intention on the new (or full) moon is an ancient practice, and recently I've started infusing those intentions into water, and wow, have I seen some powerful energetic shifts along the way. While the moon essence alone is enough to shift subtle energies in your space, flowers make a great added bonus, bringing some vital garden energy to the mix. If you've never tried, give it a go and see how it unfolds.

How To Make Full Moon Flower Water

To make full moon flower water start by getting a clean jar and filling it with purified water. Next, set your intention. To pick your flowers I'd recommend going to the garden and seeing what speaks to you in that moment. You don't need to know what they're used for, just make sure that they're edible. At dusk, collect your flowers and add them to your jar. Seal with a lid, give it a kiss, and find a nice spot outside with a good view of the moon and let sit overnight. The next morning (nice and early), grab your and strain out flowers. Enjoy right away or keep in the fridge for a few days. There are more ways to preserve the water, but we'll get into that at a later date.

Moon Magic / Full Moon Vs. New Moon Water

New to moon magic? While you can make a moon essence at anytime, the new and full moons are the typical times to work with this special type of magic. The new moon is (in my opinion) is a time for rebirth, potential, and sewing the seeds of change while the full moon is about power, transformation, and letting go of the past. All stages of the moon hold their own wisdom, so just pick the one that feels best to you.


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