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Homespun Holidays

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I've always been a crafter when it comes to the holidays, but when I became an herbalist – the homespun gift-giving really jumped to the next level. From tender morsels for self-care and adornment gift-giving to delicious botanical creations - the world of herbal gift-giving is one that I find as never-ending as it is rewarding. While you can make some seriously luxurious herbal goods, the best part about hand-crafted herbal gifting is that it doesn’t have to break the bank to be both elegant and functional.

DIY Herbal Holiday Gifts

As a special holiday treat, I've compiled some of my favorite herbal holiday gifts that are both friendly on the pocket, as well as meaningful in the hearth and home.

See below for a sweet homespun gift guide to help illuminate your seasonal holiday offerings with solstice joy and cheer.

Cedar + Pine Burn Wands

A traditional part of yule and solstice celebrations, gathering forage from the forest to craft into gifts is an ancient practice. The woods are ripe with pine and cedar this time of year, making them an excellent winter choice to make a traditional cleansing burn wand with. With both phytochemical and energetic clearing properties, these wands are an excellent way to bring the crisp clean energy of the forest into the home, while ushering unwanted energies out. As always, be mindful when collecting herbs in the wild and only collect small amounts of what is needed. Making a wreath at home? The trimmings from Christmas tree farms are another place where you can gather these urban supplies without going into the wild. Note: Just be sure the trees have not been sprayed with any chemicals or preservatives and clean before use.

Ingredients: Pine, Cedar, String

Directions: gather a small bundle of pine and cedar leaves together and wrap them tightly with string while the leaves are fresh. Allow to dry and wrap again, as the leaves will loosen. Imbue with good intentions and the energy of the forest, and gift to those wishing to bring the solstice energy into their homes.

Thyme + Lavender Finishing Salts

A fanciful culinary delight, these herbs-de-provence-esque finishing salts are the perfect gift for your culinarily inclined friends and those who hold parisian cooking flair in high regard. Two of the classic herbs used in herbs-de-Provence – this blend makes an interesting salt to finish a meal, an inventive topping for butter, or a fun way to rub a roast. Easy to make and find ingredients make this one a go-to gift in my book.

Ingredients: ½ cup sea salt, 3 TBL dried thyme, 1 tsp dried lavender, 1oz jars

Directions: combine herbs and salt in a small (clean) coffee grinder and pulse until fine; divide amongst jars and adorn with a cute tag

Makes: 4-6 1oz jars

Rose Infused Body Oil

The flower of love and self-care combined with the indulgence of self-massage rose-infused body oil is an easy and beautiful to adorn your loved ones with the message of love and self-care. This oil takes a couple of weeks to make, so start soon if you want to gift. Gift in sweet glass bottles with messages of love scribed onto them for an added dose of love and lore.

Ingredients: ½ cup dried organic Damascena rose petals, 1 cup olive oil, decorative 2-bottles, markers to write sweet affirmations onto the bottle with, mason jar for infusing

Directions: Roughly chop grind/chop roses in a spice mill/clean coffee grinder and add to a clean quart-sized mason jar. Cover with oil and cover with a lid. Let infuse for 2-4 weeks in a warm spot. To make the process go quicker you can add the well-sealed jar to an Instapot on the yogurt setting for 5-7 days. Strain oil and add to jars, decorating as you see fit.

Makes: 3-4 2oz jars of oil (depending on how much oil you lose to the roses)

Herbal Hot Cocao Cups

Nothing quite says yule like the warmth and cheeriness of a warm cup of cocoa. Often thought of as a decadent treat, when made with nutrient-rich cacao, “cocoa” actually becomes a healthy indulgent food. Mix with spices for an added zest or keep it on its own, any way you make it – herbal hot cocoa is sure to delight those that you love. My take below includes powdered mint for a very festive (and digestive) take on the classic blend.

Ingredients: 4tbl cup cacao powder, 2 TBL coconut powder, 1tbl coconut sugar, ½ tsp mint leaves, 4oz mason jars, optional mini marshmallows for the top (these measurements are for 1 (1oz) jar.

Directions: grind mint leaves in a clean spice grinder, and mix with cacao. Add coconut powder to the mason jar, then layer coconut sugar, then cacao/mint mix on top. Add mini marshmallows to the very top if desired. Hand-craft a directions tag and add it to the jar. Directions For The Tag: Add contents of the jar to a small saucepan along with 2 cups milk (or milk alternative), whisking to combine and warming on low-medium heat. Remove from heat when steaming and add to a cup. Can top with marshmallows if included (or whipped cream) if desired.

My holiday gift to you! Grab a free PDF copy of these recipes below!

Download Here:

Homespun Holidays
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