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How To Shop Like an Herbalist + Nutritionist

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

peaches at the farmers market

How To Shop For Foods Like an Herbalist + Nutritionist

How to shop like an herbalist and nutritionist? Start to think about how the foods you're eating are connected to the earth and the season we're in. Shopping like an herbalist is all about simplifying our shopping list, and making sure that the foods we're gathering are as close to nature as can be. What does this look like in the grocery store? It looks like reading labels to make sure the ingredients are pure, shopping organic when possible (or at least the dirty dozen), and being sure to include as many vibrant seasonal foods as possible.

When it comes to herbs in the grocery store, I always try to buy fresh (and organic) and refrain from buying my spices from non-herbal retailers. Each visit to the store includes balancing herbs and spices for the season we're in that I'll likely be featuring in the week's meals.

Shopping At Your Local Farmer's Market

One of the easiest ways to Shop Like an Herbalist? Visit your local farmer's market! Farmer's markets are an excellent way to shop for what's in-season as well as support mostly local farmers. Many farmer's markets even carry pre-made food for freezing, giving you a healthier alternative to frozen grocery store dinners on night's when you just can't be bothered to cook. My go-to frozen meal? Tamales! My local market has two amazing tamale vendors who also sell amazing salsa. I grab a couple packs (and a salsa) and throw them in my freezer and then they're there, handmade and full of nice clean ingredients for me to enjoy when I don't want to cook. To grab my go-to shopping list categories, see below:

  1. Berries: full of antioxidants and low in sugar, berries are a superfood for our overall health.

  2. Organic Meat: 1-2 organic meats (I switch them up week by week between beef, pork, seafood, chicken, and turkey)

  3. Leafy Greens: some sort of leafy green for salads

  4. Seasonal Vegetables: these vary depending on my mood and what looks freshest

  5. Carbs: rice, sprouted wheat bread, seeded crackers, I try to include some sort of healthy carb at least one meal of the day

  6. Healthy Treat: right now I love probiotic sodas and water kefir

  7. High-Fiber Food: chia seeds, veggies, berries, I try to include some high-fiber foods in my week's grocery haul.

This is just a sample of how I try to build my market list each week. Want to learn more about how to utilize your local market? Join me on one of my local food strolls, to learn more. The next one is FREE and takes place on July 23rd!

The Herbal Path + Shopping Like an Herbalist

During the Herbal Path program, we will explore the local farmer's market as one of our field trips to learn all about how an herbalist shops. We'll discover the benefits of seasonal living including herbs, foods, and farmer's market finds to help support our nature-connected way of living.

Want to learn more about The Herbal Path? Click below to explore this immersive 9-Month program all about building a relationship with plants to last a lifetime.

Herbalist with chamomile; Photo by Gina Marie Casey

Photo by: Gina Marie Casey


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