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Restored Vitality Package / 3 Sessions ($1025)


This integrative and holistic package is an ideal match for someone who is ready to craft a comprehensive health protocol to transform or support a certain concern or area of their life. Through a three-month process, we will explore nutritional, herbal, lifestyle, and energetic approaches to holistically support you in your health goals and dreams. Each month will focus on a different component of health: herbs, diet and lifestyle, and energetic connections including ancestral karma and energetic clearing/ritual when applicable. This package includes customized health protocols each month as well as bespoke herbal formulas and dietary plans. Herbs are purchased separately through the client-only apothecary and support is ongoing throughout this transformative offering.


Who Is This Package For?

This package is recommended for someone with long-term and/or re-occurring concerns seeking to develop alternative tools to help support them, for someone looking to make a holistic overrhaul of their life using both clinical and traditional methods, or for someone ready and focused on creating change and transformation in a given area. The end goal of this package is to identify and overcome obstacles in achiecing what you want, as well as create prorocols and tools to better support the client where they are, while also cerating a path to where they want to be through the lens of herbalism. Clients who are committed, focused, and ready to grow see best results and tend to have the most transformative experience. Book a discovery call to learn more and connect before booking.

  • (1) 90-minute comprehensive initial assessment

  • (2) Monthly 45-minute follow-ups

  • Email check-ins as needed

  • Personalized herbal, dietary, and lifestyle plan (1-per session)

  • Custom herbal products from client-only apothecary  (cost of herbs separate)

  • Energetic and lifestyle practices and prompts

  • Traditional and clinical constitutional assessments and support

  • Optional Add On: 2-3 personalized recipes for incorporating nutritional info ($350)


Once you purchase your package you will be sent a link to schedule your consult within 24hrs. Consultations are offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and a select number of Fridays at my office in Benicia or via Zoom. Consultations must be scheduled within two weeks of package purchase. There are no refunds on consultations pacakges once booked.

3-Month Vitality Package

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