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Garden Hydrosols + Flower Magic

catnip for making hydrosol with

Flower Magic

has been around for many years, and the secrets the flowers tell remind us of the magic the earth holds. From essences and flower crowns to hydrosols and more - the medicine of flowers is spiritual, emotional, and phytochemical too. With summer being the height of abundance in the flower realm, it's the perfect time to craft these botanicals into summer time medicine. Garden Hydrosols + Flower Magic While you can make hydrosols out of any plant matter (that's medicinal or aromatic) I love making these fresh distillates with garden blooms in the summer months. Event when making medicine out of the leaves, often times we harvest medicinal plants when they are just about to be in full bloom, as this is when their energy is most abundant and most vital. When made in a low microbe environment and stored properly, hydrosols can be kept for 2-3 years at least. Catnip Hydrosol + Steb-by-Step Tutorial This week I have catnip going into the still for a calming, soothing, cooling, and aromatic hydrosol that can be used as a cooling spritz or in natural bug repellent sprays. To learn more about how I make hydrosol using my copper still at home, check out this free online tutorial on how I go about crafting this ancient medicine. Get the tutorial here.

Advanced Medicine Making + Herbal Hydrosols In The Herbal Path

Did you love learning about this special and unique herbal medicine-making skill? I teach this and much more in The Herbal Path Apprenticeship, offered at the start of fall. To learn more about this unique hands-on herbal medicine and medicinal-making program, click the link below.

To learn more about The Herbal Path, click here.

flier for the herbal path 9-month apprenticeship training


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