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Herbal Monographs

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Herbal Monographs

One of the oldest tools in the herbal learning book, herbal monographs are one of the best ways (besides working with herbs), to start learning about plants. A staple in almost every herbal training program - monographs are an excellent way to get a robust understanding of a plant while also creating a resource for yourself that you can use time and time again.


What is an Herbal Monograph?

At it's core, an herbal monograph is a resource that you create (or acquire) to learn about an herb. A cross-reference of multiple credible sources, an herbal monograph is a solid reference material that you can use when applying herbs, and that I personally use all the time. The act of cross referencing multiples sources allows you to take a general look at what many different herbalists have to say about and herb, and notice both the similarities and differences in viewpoints and applications. When we do this, we're better able to weed out any possible misinformation about an herb, and also get a solid idea of how different practitioners work with the plant on question. In general herbalists will all have their own unique styles and experiences with plants, but by and large you'll common similarities between the use of plants between actual practicing herbal practitioners. By compiling information such as plant botany, constituents, actions, energetics, traditional and clinical uses, as well as personal observations you build a solid material that can be sued (and added to) for many years. Want to learn more about how to pick your resources? Check out my recent blog about Learning Herbs Online.

Why You Should Use Herbal Monographs

Herbal monographs are such an excellent way to build a solid herbal knowledge base, that they are the standard of study at almost all clinical herbal school, and hence, why I use them in both my 9-Month Apprenticeship Training (The Herbal Path) and in my Online Educational Community (Herb of the Month Club). Once built or acquired, herbal monographs allow you to quickly reference multiple sources at once, giving you a great refresher on an herb's use. In a clinical or home setting, this allows you to quickly browse your reference materials when you're looking for an herb for a certain use, without having to pour through dozens of books each time. I use monographs all the time in my practice, and feel they are a valuable resource for so many different types of herbalist. Whether you're a home herbalist, folk herbalist, clinical herbalist, or traditional practitioner - herbal monographs are a tool that keeps on giving!

How Do You Create an Herbal Monograph? Learn More in Herb of the Month Club!

An online herbal education community, Herb of the Month club is all about delivering herbal info in seasonally relevant morsels, one herb at a time, month by month. Perfect for taking your herbal studies to the next step, this monthly subscription based group features weekly lessons, live q&a session with a me (a practicing herbalist) as well as tons of bonus videos, recipes, medicine making tutorials and more!

If you've been wanting to start learning herbs or are looking for some direct herbalist study to your growing knowledge base, then I invite you to explore this new offering and join an already robust community of herb lovers studying herbs. Check it out here!

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