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How To Live Like an Herbalist

Herbalist holding calendula flowers

How To Live Like an Herbalist

Being an herbalist means different things to different people and while there are so many reasons why I love this craft, there are a few that top the list when it comes to what makes this lifestyle so special and unique.

From living in alignment with the seasons, to creating herbal blends, and supporting my clients, friends and family, to me, the herbal lifestyle is all about tapping into the natural rhythms of the earth and living in harmony (and reciprocity) with plants, animals, seasons, and so much more.

To learn a bit more about how to Live Like an Herbalist, see my top favorite perks of being an herbalist, below.

1. Herbal Remedies + Cooking With Herbs

Living like an herbalist means bringing all of your great herbal knowledge into the kitchen and home, so you can support yourself and your community through the seasons of life. From brewing custom blends to whipping up healthful meals - being an herbalist in the kitchen (and garden) is not only purposeful, it's creative, inquisitive, and fun! As herbalists we rest assured knowing that we can always use natural botanicals to bring added value and health into our lives, whenever we need it. Using herbs in foods for healing is a very traditional way to use botanicals for health, and is one of my all time favorite parts of being an herbalist in the modern world.

2. Connection To Nature: Herbal Ecology + Seasonal Living

Being in tune with the rhythms of nature allows us herbalists to have a greater connection to our the natural world. Whether that means going on hikes to discover what's growing, harvesting herbs from the garden for elixirs and meals, or exploring new plants and practices when traveling in distant lands, herbalism is a powerful path to helping explore the outside world.

Being an herbalist is also a way to live in alignment with the seasons and have a greater understanding of the ecology of the world around us. Being an herbalist helps you tap into the natural rhythms of the earth and live in synchronicity with the seasons. Collecting herbs when they're ready for harvest, using seasonal support, and flowing with the natural rhythms of life helps us to stay grounded and present and embrace each season as a time for renewal and change.

3. Trusting Your Intuition + Mind Body Awareness

Being an herbalist is a pathway to developing your own intuitive knowledge. Working with herbs and foods therapeutically helps to develop a greater mind-body-connection and a deeper sense of self awareness. When we study the benefits of plants and then take them and experience their impact first hand, we create new neural connections, developing a deeper sense and knowing about what that plant is all about. Learning about plants in both an experiential and academic way creates a journey that fosters a deep connection with our own intuition. The more we get to know ourselves, the more we learn to trust ourselves, and the more we can drop in and follow our deepest knowing and trust that it's what serves us best.

The Tradition of Sharing Knowledge Across Time

Even more than formulas and elixirs to help support health (though as a clinical registered herbalist, this is definitely one of my favorite parts), being an herbalist is a lifestyle that once learned, can't be undone. It's a lifestyle that we pass on to future generations to come, so that they can continue to live in alignment with the earth. It's a lifestyle that almost all of our ancestors followed, and one that can connect us to the roots of who we are where we came from

The Herbal Path

Living the herbal life is not for the faint of heart, but is for those who are ready for a most fantastical adventure that's true to the earth. Want to learn how to live like an herbalist? I invite you to explore my herbal training program, The Herbal Path

Herbalist with fresh chamomile flowers making herbal medicine


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