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The Herbal Path 9-Month Apprenticeship Herbal Training

Herbalist preparing chamomile for herbal medicine

photo by: gina marie casey photography

The Herbal Path

Are you ready to embrace the inner healer that was always meant to be? Join Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Biologist, and Energetic Healer, Anna Marie Beauchemin, on a 9-month journey to re-ignite the spark of healing intuition and earth-based wisdom that we were all innately born with.

The Herbal Path 9-Month Apprenticeship Herbal Training

In this immersive 9-month program we will learn to walk the Herbal Path by using herbs, foods, seasonality, and earth-centered practices to nourish our own life and the lives of those we love. In this traditional herbal apprenticeship, we'll learn the art of home-based herbal healing, gardening, cooking, homesteading, medicinal plant medicine making, and above all, how to connect and trust our own inner wisdom and intuition when approaching our health and lives. If you have heard the whispers of becoming an herbalist deep down inside you, then I invite you to listen to that call and join me in learning how to step into this ancient way of knowing and being, claiming this transformative birthright as your own.

Herbalist collecting herbs in the field

photo by: gina marie casey photography

The Herbal Path Apprenticeship Farmhouse Location

Taking place at the Registered Rodgers Ranch Farmhouse Site in Pleasant Hill, California students in the herbal path apprenticeship herbal training will have the opportunity to learn the craft of herbalism in a beautiful, rustic farmhouse classroom that boasts both gardens and a kitchen for experiential and hands-on learning. This program even includes a special pathway to participate in the Rodgers Ranch Urban Farm teaching garden and community space if getting your hands in the dirt is also a part of this call.

Registered Rodgers Ranch Historic Farmhouse and Site

photo by: gina marie casey photography

Are You Ready To Follow The Herbal Path?

Have you felt the sparks of herbal wisdom rising up inside you? Then I invite you to be my guest in exploring the newly launched program site, discovering all the magical facets that make this eclectic program shine. To learn more check out the event below.


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