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Using Herbs To Connect To Your Own Inner Healer

yarrow (achillea millefolium) in the east bay hills; photographed by Gina Marie Casey

Photo by: Gina Marie Casey

Seasonal Living + Herbalism

One of my favorite parts of being an herbalist is living in alignment with the seasons. this simple act helps us to better connect and be a part of the natural world.

How do we live with the seasons? By embracing what season has to offer energetically, herbaly, nutritionally, and in supporting our health. when we jump into the busyness of summer, the preparation of fall, the stillness of winter, and the rebirth of spring - it allows us to be a part of natural cycles just as all other living creatures are, making us closer to our sweet mother earth.

When we learn how to live in alignment with the seasons and not constantly fighting against them (as is often the case in our modern world), we allow ourselves to become part of nature, just as we were intended to.

Using Herbs To Connect To Your Own Inner Healer

Using herbs to connect to your own inner healer is a great way to embrace each season, and start to build our relationship to both self and nature. By using seasonal herbs we help our bodies drop into the rhythms of nature, deepening our intuitive connection with the earth. what are my favorite ways to use herbs to make these connections? see my list below:

Teas Seasonal herbal teas help me to use plants that are in season, connecting my own intuition to what's growing in the garden. Using seasonal teas is an excellent way to connect to the energetics of that season.

Foods By eating seasonal foods i not only get the nourishment my body is craving that time of year, but I get the opportunity to support my system by eating seasonally and locally, which studies have shown can have such a positive impact on health and nutritional value in food. Eating seasonally and locally is a part of seasonal living, and something our ancestors automatically did. It increases nutrient diversity in the diet and ensures maximum vitality in the foods you eat.

Body System Support Each body system has a different season associated with it in many traditional practices, and through working with my mentor I've learned to really embrace this way of living. By honoring the energetic of a season and the body systems associated with them, I go into each part of the natural cycle knowing that I'm nourishing my health for the year to come.

The Herbal Path: Seasonal Living + The Inner Healer

Want to learn more about how to live in alignment with the seasons and using herbs to connect to you own inner healer? In the Herbal Path, we'll be doing just this, and learning all about the power of seasonal living and how living in this way helps us to become not only better connected to nature, but how the herbs we use in each season, help connect us to our own inner healers. We'll learn how to think about what herbs are in season and how that correlates to our health and what practices we can employ to embrace the body systems that are honored in that season, just as we would traditionally. To learn more check out the herbal path today.

Herbalist using chamomile for a medicine making; Photo by Gina Marie Casey

The Herbal Path / Photo by: Gina Marie Casey


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