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TBI Awareness Month + The East Bay Herbals Story

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Brain Love + The EBH Story

The control center to our body, the seat of our mind, and a small but mighty organ that happens to be a very big part of the EBH story. With TBI Awareness Month kicking off this March, it felt like the right time to share this part of the EBH story with all of you. Though East Bay Herbals may have been born out of a passion and life calling to work with plants - the road to getting where I am today was more than bumpy at first. Fresh on my path to launching my biz, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that would change my life forever. Unable to work in a traditional setting (and having lost my job due to my injuries) it was time to think of a new plan, a plan that would allow me to rehabilitate in a safe environment and heal while I worked. It was scary, and I had no idea what I was doing, but with the support of the loved ones in my life - East Bay Herbals as we know it, was born.

The EBH Goal + Client Experiences

The goal when starting EBH was to create a new type of business - one that was trauma-informed, and one that would allow me to share my gifts with the world - all while allowing myself the space to prioritize my health along the way. Through my own work and the work of my clients, this is a theme that I see repeat itself over and over again: the pressing reality of having to show up in a world that you don't quite fit in, all while trying to meet the demands of your responsibilities, and oftentimes - this comes at the expense of one's own health.

Join me For The Month of March

This march, join me on a journey through to learn how we can find balance in life's challenges, simply by listening to and supporting one of our

most vital organs -the brain!

If you or someone you know has had their life impacted by a traumatic brain injury, stroke, nervous system ailment, is suffering from stress/overwhelm/burnout, and/or mental health challenges - then this series is for you!

Free Class on Brain Health This March!

Want to take a deep dive into this topic? Make sure to join me at the FREE Herbal Meetup featured below, Herbs for Brain Health on March 17th!


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